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Are you tired of using the same legal marketing search firms that bring you the same tired candidates—many of whom you rejected the last time around? Or maybe you’ve gone with the non-legal route, only to find the candidates can’t convert knowledge and experience to professional services and the legal sector. Perhaps, your firm decided to “do it yourself”, only to end up frustrated with the results. Law firms have traditionally encountered a much different level of difficulty in attacking this function, as opposed to administration, technology, human resources, or finance. The ramp up time and lost opportunities for your law firm can be significant. Every failed marketer provides consternation among the partnership, and a question of ill-advised investment, and often whether you should be marketing at all.

HTMLawyers provides a unique and successful approach to hiring law firm marketing staff – from Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) to Marketing Directors, Business Development Managers, Webmasters, event planners and coordinators. We use a tested approach to draft the right job description and titles, determine appropriate compensation, staffing structure and placement.

We are not a search firm or headhunter. We are specialists in hiring law firm marketing personnel that will fit your needs and culture. Understanding practice groups, geographic competition and a firm’s positioning in the market is as much a part of the hiring process as recruitment of candidates, resume review and interviewing. As a result of our high profile in the industry, our network of candidates is vast. In many cases, we assist the law firm behind the scenes in directing the job search process—sometimes leading the search, and other times providing direction and guidance. Success, ideally, is measured by a placement that is productive, long-standing, and furthers the law firm’s business development footprint. However, because we’ve interviewed many job applicants before, we can quickly focus in on those that we believe will be the proper fit, without taking up too much billable time.

Some of our most successful placements have come in hiring individuals with no law firm marketing experience. We’ve found in many cases, a marketer with strong corporate branding and marketing training trumps the law firm marketer with more experience. The question comes down to whether the candidate can translate the experiences to professional services, and if the corporate structure provided the grounding needed to succeed. These candidates are often diamonds in the rough. Whether he or she can prosper in your environment is something we carefully evaluate.

We use the same resources as most legal search firms—listings with the LMA Job Bank, ALA and other law marketing sites; utilizing LinkedIn networks and related social media; when appropriate, career builder, Monster and other job search postings. However, it is the vast personal national network of law partners, attorneys and marketing personnel that provide something no other job placement firm can deliver. We’ve seen almost all of these people before—and the first-round culling process take days less than for others. We’ve seen many firms learn the hard way that just because a resume shows some big name law firms does not mean that the person was successful at any of them. You need to know the ins and outs of a person’s credentials and experience; you need to know the right questions to ask about those experiences. That is where we provide added value.

If your firm is in the market for marketing staff, call or e-mail us for a free telephone consultation to see if the HTMLawyers’ law marketing job placement services are right for your law firm.

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