Public Relations / Media & Press Training

The role of public & media relations varies greatly from law firm to law firm. At some firms, successful PR is paramount, and often the leading component of a marketing strategy. At others, it is virtually meaningless to a successful practice. Your practice area, media market, firm culture and personalities go a long way to dictating the role media plays in your law firm. Let HTMLawyers help you evaluate the best course of action. In some cases, we devise your firm’s PR plan and implement it. In others, where we’ve determined it is a major business development component or involves complex litigation PR, we will recommend niche agencies that specialize in those areas. We examine your need for media relations, social media, measurement, media training, crisis management and community relations.

Micah Buchdahl started his career in PR for the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals in the National Hockey League, working with major national media on a daily basis. He also handled media in New York for the Major Indoor Soccer League, and worked with numerous newspapers and TV networks on PR efforts in the Major Indoor Soccer League, National Basketball Association and the NHL. Later, as a journalist for The Baltimore Sun and Associated Press, he found himself on the opposite side of the relationship. His network in major media markets—including print, radio, and television—are of great value to his law firm clientele. He has maintained his network of contacts as his career shifted from professional sports and entertainment to the world of law. In addition, having now worked in the “legal business” for 20 years, he has forged important media contacts among the mainstream and legal media.

Greater ROI

A benefit to investing in public relations is the opportunity to measure return on investment (ROI) for your efforts. While the ROI might not be quantified in dollars generated, it can be measured in successful media placement—from published articles to attorney “quotes” and broadcast interviews. Either you are getting visibility or you are not.

PR is broader than ever

The Internet (especially with blogging and social media) has spawned an increased need for reputation management and crisis management. Successful public relations is about much more than issuing press releases and getting quoted. Your PR plan might involve any or all of the following:

  • Media Strategy
  • Ratings, Rankings, Reviews and Awards Submissions
  • Targeted Industry and Trade Publications
  • Crisis Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Blogging Platforms and Content Development
  • Publishing and speaking opportunities
  • Social Media planning and policies
  • PR Training of in-house staff
Media Consulting/Training

Don’t be intimidated. Learn how to use the media to your best advantage. HTMLawyers’ media consultant/trainer (a former CNN producer) will help you gain the comfort and confidence you need to effectively communicate on-camera and off. Master the simple but effective tricks of the trade that can turn your interaction with reporters and other media representatives from print, broadcast and online outlets into a valuable, comfortable, and enjoyable experience. Services include: mock interviews and training - in groups or one-on-one; videotaping "interviews" to highlight strengths as well as areas in need of improvement; critiques of prior interviews; targeted preparation for specific interviews or events; crafting successful and focused talking points; and more. Tell us what you need, and we'll design a game plan that fits within your time and budget constraints.

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