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There is nothing more important for any law firm than the online portfolio. The days of just meaning “your web site” are long past. How you fare online—on a web site, blog, social media page, in a directory, on the Google search results page, on a mobile device, on an iPad, with apps, in search engine optimization rankings—all play into your internet marketing strategies.

And there is simply nobody better positioned and experienced to help guide you through a web site audit, RFP or online marketing project than the Internet Marketing Attorney himself. Since 1996, Micah Buchdahl has helped hundreds of law firms establish their first and sometimes sixth web site, ranging from the largest law firms in the U.S. to sole practitioners; from projects with budgets in excess of one million dollars to $5,000. For more than 15 years, provided a no-nonsense resource that helped many law firms around the globe better position them for online marketing success. There is only one IMA—no attorney is more recognized for understanding this component of law firm marketing than Micah.

An HTMLawyers web site & online marketing audit examines initiatives and expenditures, helping you determine if your current efforts are effectively furthering the firm’s business development goals. Many law firms find they are wasting time and money on overpriced and underutilized web sites, blogs, social media efforts, poor SEO and valueless online promotion. The web site audit is often the first step in redevelopment and an RFP (often used as the guide to determining goals and budget as well). The web site audit examines strengths and shortcomings, studies traffic patterns, SEO ranking, the pluses and minuses of your online portfolio, with suggestions for improvement. This process will save you time and money.

The audit includes a dialogue with firm stakeholders, a review of current online efforts, and presentation of short and long-term goals for moving forward. We help you target the audiences that will mean the most to your firm’s practices (i.e. clients, prospects, referrals, recruits, etc.) and how to reach them most effectively. We help you determine the best way to spend your allotted budget, facilitate the RFP process, and assist with identifying prospective vendors. In some cases, we speak directly to your clients to better identify the technology that is meaningful to them.

There is no singular source more significant than the Internet when it comes to identifying legal counsel. Many law firms continue to struggle with figuring out the most effective way to put your best foot forward on the World Wide Web. We help evaluate the importance of design, content, usability, navigation, search, blogs, podcasts, webinars, databases (attorney biographies, alumni, representative matters, CRM, etc.), mobility, e-mail, and staffing.

What happened to the IMA Web Site Reviews, Awards and Nifty Fifty?

In the late ‘90s, Micah developed as a resource for the changing world of lawyer and law firm marketing. Traveling the globe as the “IMA” (as he became known), Micah helped law firms navigate the brand new world of the Internet. Subsequently, he created the IMA awards and reviews, which ranked and reviewed the largest 250 U.S. law firm web sites. The Nifty 50 showed examples of law firms doing great things with the web. While the world of technology marketing has never stopped changing and moving forward, Micah’s need to focus on HTMLawyers’ clients has prevented him from continuing the annual trek through law firm web sites. However, he still provides commentary and advice through his blog at and as the voice of the legal profession with his monthly internet marketing column on, where Micah addresses the newest and most effective ways for lawyers to market themselves online.

For more information on how the Internet Marketing Attorney and HTMLawyers can provide your practice with web site and online marketing strategic advice, contact us.

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