Part-Time Marketing Director Retainer (PTMD)

The law marketing retainer program is the perfect solution for many law firms’ day-to-day marketing needs. For those firms without full-time marketing staff, the program provides the benefits of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) without the hefty investment. In many cases, the Part-Time Marketing Director Retainer (PTMD) supplements a marketing coordinator or firm administrator by providing the daily advice, implementation and follow-up needed to successfully engage in strategic and well-planned business development endeavors. The PTMD program is often used as a training program for lawyers and staff, so that the function can successfully continue long after the retainer program concludes.

For firms in transition, in need of temporary assistance (due to maternity or paternity leave, hiring gaps, budget reductions, etc.), or undertaking a major marketing project, PTMD offers an in-house presence and a day-to-day resource. You never know when the next major request for proposal (RFP) is going to present itself. And you often are unsure of the time, money and effort that should go into the hundreds of marketing queries you receive each year. Micah is there to provide the quick answers and respond to the major fire drills as well. In many cases, law firms have become increasingly frustrated with spending significant dollars on failed marketing personnel, seemingly in an endless cycle of hiring, firing, tweaking and engaging the next job search or consultant. The PTMD program does not lock you in for the long-term, so if the approach does not work for you, there is not that feeling of being stuck, or throwing good money after bad. The level of involvement varies by the needs of the law firm. Over the years, there are firms that have needed as much as two full days per week, and others requiring as little as a quarterly visit and monthly conference calls. Each program is designed to meet your specific needs.

We often start with a marketing audit, map out a business development plan, and track return on investment (ROI). We engage with the key stakeholders, offices, practice groups, administrative staff and individual lawyers to create strategic marketing plans that will work within the culture and make-up of your law firm. The goal is not only to increase efficiency and revenue, but do so in a way that will work within your walls.

Strategic business development is about market share and competition. It is also about strategy and confidentiality. The PTMD program provides exclusivity in your market—sometimes based on state, city or practice—but you can rest assured that we are not helping your competitor, and we are not using your data to enhance another law firm’s efforts. The program is also limited to 10 firms per year nationally. You receive the attention, focus and level of creativity needed to succeed. The average PTMD program tenure is three years—with some firms simply needing six months or one year to get on track; others build a marketing foundation and grow over the course of 3-6 years. For many midsize law firms and boutiques, the final step of the PTMD program is replacing us with a full-time, in-house marketing professional.

To find out if the marketing retainer program is right for your law firm, contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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