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There are many excellent law firm marketing consultants and consultancies, most of who served as in-house law firm marketing professionals or legal media members at some point in time. However, Micah Buchdahl provides a different perspective and background, making the end-result unmatched in the business of law.

HTMLawyers is the nation's leading attorney-driven marketing and business development consultancy for lawyers and law firms. For more than a decade, the company has provided law firms throughout the United States and across the globe with consultative guidance in all areas of marketing initiatives.

Our programs and projects are not cookie-cutter, not mass produced, but are individually developed based on the uniqueness of your law practice. And our guidance is the most objective in the business. You simply can't objectively evaluate a product or program from Thomson Reuters (Westlaw, Findlaw, Hubbard One), LexisNexis (Martindale-Hubbell, InterAction, Law360), ALM (The American Lawyer, Law.com, Legal Conferences) or the litany of other for-profit entities in the legal space, when there are monetary relationships involved. At the same time, we minimize involvement with some outstanding organizations such as the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) and Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), as there would be too many conflicts in our hiring and evaluation of staff and vendors.

The first-hand work experience we bring-as a lawyer (and corporate counsel), marketer, public & media relations professional, journalist and sales executive-is unmatched.

We've provided in-house CLE programs and retreats to partner, associate and full law firm gatherings. In addition, we've provided assistance to firms with the marketing aspects of mergers, strategic planning, succession planning, crisis PR and internal communications.

What else makes HTMLawyers truly unique?
  • We only provide marketing and business development expertise. Our energy and experience is 100% dedicated to attorneys seeking the best route to a more profitable future.
  • Micah Buchdahl is the only legal marketer in the history of the American Bar Association to serve as Chair of the ABA Law Practice Management Section. As an active, practicing attorney, he is able to serve in the ABA and other professional attorney organizations as a member of the bar, as opposed to Associate-level access (for non-U.S. lawyers).
  • We do not upsell you with add-ons such as publications, webinars, subscriptions and a myriad of other consulting products and services. Our work is on-time and on-budget.
  • Our retainer program includes geographic and/or practice-based exclusivity, meaning that we do not go from assisting you to helping your competition in the same marketplace. This also allows us to craft strategies that are not similar to those sold to neighboring law firms.
  • Due to the sensitivity of many projects, we do not publish the names of our law firm clients as our own "marketing tool." We believe the work that we do is confidential and is not shared with the world-at-large. References and work products are provided privately to prospective clients.
Define. Strategize. Develop. Implement. Evaluate. Repeat.

Our focus is on allowing you to continue to develop a high-impact practice while creating a game plan that allows you to market and manage effectively. In every case, we are your "coach" when it comes to management and marketing. In some cases, we are your "player"-making marketing happen while allowing your attorneys to focus on clients.

The average tenure of the law firm-HTMLawyers relationship is 2-5 years. Our goal is to make you stronger and leave you in a better place. It is not designed to be infinite. Whether it is building the marketing foundation or developing staff, we thrive and excel at leaving your firm stronger and more profitable than when we arrived. Be more profitable and productive. Create better firm wide morale (your staff are your biggest billboards-be it positive or negative). We focus on finding the niches, the differentiators that will make you the orange in a bushel of apples-to the prospective client, corporate counsel or referring attorney.

Every firm is different. We begin with an initial consultation, followed by meetings with key stakeholders. From there, we develop a plan or project that will work within your culture, environment and structure.

Our fees are generally retainer or project-based, and set out (in complete detail) at the start of an engagement. You won't be surprised later with add-ons and upcharges. We keep the budget lean, and focus expenditures on furthering the marketing agenda. HTMLawyers does not accept agency fees or any referral fees from the many agencies, writers, graphic designers and companies we engage on your behalf. We negotiate costs to your marketing budget like it is our own.

Nationally Respected -- Media Savvy - Expert Commentary

Our connections in the legal industry, media and corporate counsel circles are simply unattainable elsewhere. Our clients come to us for exposure to national media (print, radio and television). We have deep-rooted connections with other attorneys that result in a constant flow of referrals from one lawyer to another. Having served as in-house counsel, we have colleagues engaged at the highest level of the Corporate Counsel bar that are often seeking advice. Having served as a journalist for major outlets, we maintain a stable of high-powered media contacts throughout the country.

Micah is regularly published in dozens of publications-both legal-specific and general press. He is routinely asked to comment on happenings in the legal industry. In most cases, however, due to our direct involvement with many of the law firms and associations at the crux of the conversation, our discussions serve as background, references to strong sources and interview subjects. Our primary aim is to get you interviewed and published-not us.

Invaluable Resources

While many marketing professionals can suggest ways to gain visibility-speaking, publishing, media coverage-we actually make it happen. In many cases, we are asked to develop articles, books, CLEs and presentations by major organizations. Our clients provide the top resource to fill those opportunities. And many of our former clients will tell you that the resource we provide does not end with our formal engagement. As is any good law firms' mantra - once a client, always a client.

At the end of the day, our business success is based on the same principles of any good lawyer. Do good work, and a continual flow of referrals and new clients will come. It is our job to make sure the world knows about the good work you do. All the web sites, brochures, speaking engagements and media mentions can't replace the value of being a great attorney.

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