Law Firm Marketing & Business Development Plans

Whether it is firm wide, practice group-driven, industry-focused, departmental, geographic or at the individual attorney level, nothing trumps the development of an effective marketing plan—except for that tricky, often elusive element—follow-through. As an attorney that has felt the pressure of a practice, dealt and felt the heat of a GC, and masterminded business development plans that have blossomed (and, let’s be honest, others that have wilted on the vine), Micah Buchdahl will create a plan that has the best chance of success in your particular law firm.

HTMLawyers specializes in developing a targeted, specific plan that utilizes core components that make the most sense for you. Anyone can provide goals, ideas and objectives—but the keys are in finding the right channels and approaches, creating actionable items, tracking ROI and in many cases, having the personal connections among colleagues in the legal industry to make things happen.

We create a strategic marketing plan that will work. Our knowledge of law firms, marketing and specific areas of practice allows development of a much higher level of game plan than you would get from a generic marketing, non-lawyer approach. You won’t find yourself interacting with staff, subcontractors or vendors, but directly with Micah.

Often starting with a form of the marketing audit, we conduct an internal assessment of the firm’s culture and capabilities. Understanding the politics and personalities are as important as identifying the firm’s sweet spots, weaknesses and challenges. We use a combination of interviews, meetings, surveys and analysis of firm data to help identify direction. Depending on those findings, we conduct market research that might include competitive intelligence, interviews, surveys, focus groups, and reputation analysis and industry trends. Based on a thorough review of all information collected, we develop a marketing plan that makes sense to you, making sure that staffing, budgeting and objectives are appropriately targeted.

In the end, we have a plan, action items and specific goals at all levels. In time, we analyze successes and weaknesses, tweak the plan, measure results and make sure the approach is fluid enough to succeed. If you are looking for a marketing and business development plan, contact us to discuss how we can help your law firm reach its full potential. We are happy to provide references for similarly-situated law firms that have engaged HTMLawyers in developing and implementing plans in the past, from those looking to build an initial foundation or base to long-established firms that seek a change or direction, philosophy or market adjustments.

Ask Yourself: What is The Scope of Your Marketing Efforts?
  • Strategic Planning: Short-Term, Mid-Range and Long-Term
  • Staffing
  • Budget / Resource Allocation
  • Brand Development
  • Public / Media Relations
  • Pro Bono / Community Relations
  • Advertising Strategy / Media Buys
  • Print Materials / Publications
  • Web Site Development / Online Strategies
  • Technology
  • Industry Focus / Practice Groups
  • Geographic Location
  • Public Speaking
  • Sales Training and Coaching
  • Cross-Selling / Business Development
  • Client Satisfaction Plans and Surveys
  • Request for Proposals (RFP) Creation and Selection
  • Lawyer Rankings & Ratings
  • Competitive Analysis - Geographical, Practice Area, Firm Size
  • Sponsorships / Trade Show Exhibitions
  • Networking
  • Partnerships
  • Event Planning
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