Attorney Training and Development

Whether in large groups, smaller workshops or individual one-on-one meetings, Micah Buchdahl trains and coaches lawyers in the art of business development – from selection of marketing activities, to selling your legal services – our programs are tailored to serve the needs of your law firm and practice. Learn different techniques and strategies to focus on relevant concerns and maximize your time and efforts.

Programs range from one hour sessions to long-term retainer arrangements. In some instances, we are retained by a law firm’s professional development staff to provide programming that has targeted summer associates, first-year associates, junior partners and senior leadership. It may be part of a breakfast or lunch program series, a firm retreat, or ongoing continuing legal education (CLE) programming. Often, we are hired by offices, practice groups, marketing departments and individual lawyers to create a program that fits a firm’s needs and culture.

One day of training can impact an attorney’s actions and rainmaking capabilities for a lifetime. We address relevant audiences, from general counsel and referring attorneys to small business owners, consumers, corporations and government entities, as well as recruiting and employment efforts. The end-result is an expanded knowledge base toward selling and marketing professional services, an understanding of ethics rules as they relate to solicitation (often in the form of CLE programming), and reinforcement of your law firm’s marketing plans and strategies. It is important to “sell” within the firm’s brand and position in the legal marketplace.

Attorneys in particular find a comfort level in working with Micah, because they are often cut from the same cloth. Our advice is practical, strategic and results-oriented. Micah’s 25+ years in marketing and public relations, and 20 years as a licensed, practicing attorney combine for understanding the unique nature of being a lawyer in an increasingly competitive market. His advice is based on being an attorney and a marketer, not to mention experience as corporate counsel and small business ownership. His ABA activities not only provide similar insights and experiences, but often opportunities to not just suggest BD efforts, but make them happen.

Individual Attorney Coaching

We have successfully created coaching plans that have directly led to millions of dollars in increased revenue. At some firms, we are asked to target partners in need of greater origination numbers. In others, we are tweaking plans for successful rainmakers. Every plan is different, just as everyone’s strengths and weaknesses vary. The key element is devising a plan that works in your environment.

After sitting down to get a feel for the attorney and his/her law firm, we work over time to implement a program that will work for the long-term. We continually monitor and chart progress over time. The most important part is to develop a plan that an attorney enjoys—from speaking to writing, networking to association leadership. Our focus is on tasteful, soft sell approaches to development. We do not believe in hard core selling, and do not employ tactics that hurt the firm brand, are ethically questionable, or lessen the level of professionalism in our line of work.

Our approaches go beyond marketing and business development. We are a major component of your strategic planning—from new practice groups, to new offices, pre and post-merger. In some cases, we have been brought in as part of a firm’s succession planning and leadership training. And in others, a law firm asks us to work with different elements of a firm’s marketing team, management and marketing committees, and marketing partner.


From one day to an ongoing series, we develop workshops that enhance a law firm’s professional development and marketing development efforts. A recurring series allows groups (big and small) to work through the numerous areas of marketing expertise required. Whether you need to book one session, or an ongoing series, we develop highly entertaining and educational programs that will keep your lawyers coming back from session to session.

Programs include such topics as:
  • Developing a proper elevator pitch
  • Proper use of social media
  • Biography Writing
  • Internal Marketing
  • Building a Network
  • Client Retention – Adding Value
  • Industry Focus
  • Developing your online portfolio
  • Association Involvement
  • Ethical Issues in Marketing
  • Branding and Positioning
  • Developing your niche
  • Operating outside the box / cutting edge marketing
  • Public Relations and Media Relations Strategies
  • Effective Cross-Selling Techniques
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